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Wireless Carplay Dongle

Wireless Carplay Dongle

Wireless Carplay Dongle


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YLKJ-2 Wireless Carplay Dongle

Wireless Carplay Dongle is the upgraded version of wired CarPlay It can be connected via wifi and bluetooth, which is not possible with the wired version,Wireless connection is more convenient and easy to supports voice control, Siri, screen mirroring, GPS navigation application/Google (real-time navigation)/Waze/, phone call, online music application, support iOS 13 split screen multiple windows.

Wireless CarPlay is a bonus to any car, some cars do come out factory with it but often it is an optional extra and rarely do you find car manufacturers opting for Wireless CarPlay. Even if offered, it is usually quite pricy.

This dongle plugs into the USB port of a compatible car entertainment system and you immediately gain support for Wireless CarPlay PLUS  this dongle also enables wireless Android Auto, too.


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