BMW Road Map Europe MOVE and FSC Code

BMW Road Map Europe MOVE and FSC Code

BMW Road Map Europe MOVE and FSC Code,

For BMW cars built between (2010-2014)

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GENUINE BMW 6WB DIGITAL Instrumental Cluster For 4 Series F32 F33 F82

The FSC Activation Code is included in this price.

The Road Map Europe MOVE 2021 map is intended for the CIC Navigation Unit (small screen).

For BMW cars built between (2010-2014)
(see the list below)

Compatible models:

-1er BMW F20, F21 09/2011 – 07/2014
-2er BMW F22 11/2013 – 07/2014
-3er BMW F30, F31 02/2012 – 03/2014
-3er BMW F34 03/2013 – 03/2014
-4er BMW F32 11/2013 – 03/2014
-5er BMW F07 03/2013 – 07/2014
-5er BMW F10, F11 09/2010 – 04/2011 12/2011 – 07/2014
-X3 BMW F25 11/2010 – 04/2014

How to be sure you have CIC Navigation:

If you are uncertain what map you need please visit How to choose your BMW Map

Updating your maps through the Glovebox USB port is the fastest way of performing the update. The procedure is simple and is detailed step by step in the instructions file you will receive in your email with your map and code.

You will also receive the step by step installation instructions which are very easy to follow.

All the maps are 100% Genuine BMW.

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