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BMW IDrive screen rebooting fix

BMW IDrive screen rebooting fix

BMW IDrive screen rebooting fix – having issues where your IDrive is struck on BMW logo or rebooting every few seconds? we can resolve this issue for you


  • Essential for Remote Coding (add on)

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Please make sure you are purchasing the correct screen for your system

BMW IDrive screen rebooting fix

Is your BMW radio navigation system experiencing continuous reboots, or has it suddenly become unresponsive? We have the solution for you!

The cars affected include, but are not limited to:

  • 3′ F30   (03/2011 — 07/2015)
  • 3′ F31   (07/2011 — 07/2015)
  • 3′ F34 GT   (07/2012 — 06/2016)
  • 4′ F32   (11/2012 — 02/2017)
  • 4′ F33   (03/2013 — 02/2017)
  • 4′ F36 Gran Coupé   (07/2013 — 03/2017)
  • X3 F25   (06/2009 — 08/2017)
  • X4 F26   (05/2013 — 03/2018)
  • MINI F56   (04/2013 — 02/2019)
Please note this service requests you either coming to our workshop or removing the faulty Headunit(HU) and post it to us for repair.

If you opt to send us the defective component, the radio and navigation unit, often referred to as a CHAMP, can be found situated behind the radio control panel, which includes the heater and HVAC control panel as well as the radio panel. Please refer to the images for the silver unit’s visual identification, as this is the component we need to address and resolve the issue you’re experiencing.

BMW Champ HeadUnit

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