Mercedes Benz Apple CarPlay And Android Auto Activation

Mercedes Benz Apple CarPlay And Android Auto Activation


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Mercedes Benz Apple CarPlay And Android Auto Activation

Want to activate Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on your Mercedes-Benz? Our expert coding solution can help!


– Works with most Mercedes-Benz models that have NTG5s1, NTG5s2, or NTG5s5 systems.
– Generally supports models from January 2017 onwards.

Activation Options:

  • Remote Coding: We can assist you remotely to activate these features.
  • In-Office Activation: Visit our office for activation.

For 2019+ Models: It is currently not possible to activate wired CarPlay. This option is only available through the main dealership. However, we offer a wireless alternative that provides even more features than Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Important Note for E-Class and A-Class Owners:

– For models from 2015, activation might require a firmware update, which cannot be done remotely. We need to connect the car to our master computer to determine if this update is necessary.

  • With our solution, you can safely use your mobile phone while driving, allowing you to integrate calls, text, music, and apps like Google Maps, Waze, Spotify, Apple Music, and more into your Mercedes’ head unit.

For Remote Activation the following is needed:

  • A Windows 10 or 11 laptop with the firewall and antivirus turned off.
  • Team Viewer software installed.
  • A stable internet connection.
  • We will provide a Mercedes-Benz coding cable for remote coding sessions

Please note that for in-person activation, you must come to our location and your car must have two USB ports, one of which has a phone symbol printed(see image). Also, your car must be running at least Mercedes NTG5.1, NTG5.2 or NTG 5.5 to be compatible with our solution. While our solution works on 98% of occasions, there is a 2% chance that your car won’t be compatible. In such cases, we will return the balance minus a 15% fee for the cost of the diagnostic.

Our experts are also well-versed in activating CarPlay for BMWs, VW cars, Range Rover, Medza and more. With our customer-friendly support, fast and easy activation, and after-sale support, you can trust us to deliver a seamless integration of your mobile phone with your car’s head unit.

A safer way to use your mobile phone while travelling in your car. Apple CarPlay & Android Auto allow you to seamlessly integrate your mobile phone with your car’s head unit. Simply connect your charging cable in the USB port and select CarPlay/Android Auto should start.
You are able to use apps such as Google Maps, Waze, Spotify, Apple Music and many more supported apps. It even allows you to integrate calls, text and music.

Yes it is possible however you will need to set up a windows VM to do this. Unfortunately we cannot assist in doing this.

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