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How to choose your BMW Map

  • Get into your car, push the Nav button, then the Option button on your controller

  • Scroll down to the last item in the menu called “Navigation System Version“. It will display the currently installed maps like in the example below:

  • Ok so in this example the car needs the EUROPE WEST map version and the newest at this time is the 2020-1
    map so make sure you choose the right version for your car. Anyway you don`t need to worry,
    if you purchase the wrong version you will get another map for free if there is no price difference. Head over to the Maps section and choose the one you need.
  • All you need is at least a 32GB USB Stick to copy the purchased map files. You will receive instructions on how to copy and update. We created this website in order to make the process simple for anyone.
  • The Glove Box USB port will be used for this procedure for most of the maps (Premium, Move and Motion).
  • To install the NEXT and ROUTE maps you will use the centre console USB port.
  • Make sure you have your car’s VIN number when ordering, all 17 characters are required in order to receive the activation code. Don’t know what a VIN number is? Take a look here:

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