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BMW CarPlay Split Screen to Full Screen

BMW CarPlay Split Screen to Full Screen

BMW CarPlay Split Screen to Full Screen for EVO and EntryNav2 units only


  • Essential for Remote Coding (add on)

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    BMW CarPlay Split Screen to Full Screen

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Please make sure you are purchasing the correct screen for your system

BMW CarPlay Split Screen to Full Screen

For EVO and EntryNav2 units

Prior to making a purchase, please provide us with the vehicle’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). Always reach out to us for compatibility confirmation before finalizing your purchase. Please note that all sales are final, and we cannot offer refunds.

Our Apple CarPlay solution is compatible with BMW F and G Series vehicles equipped with NBT EVO ID5 or ID6 and EntryNav2 systems. You can refer to the images below to see what EVO ID5/ID6 and EntryNav2 units look like.

To ensure compatibility, check your Firmware Version by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Navigation menu.
  2. Press the Options Button.
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. Proceed to Position & Version History.
  5. Check the Version:
    • If it says “Road Map ‘Region’ EVO,” you have an Evo unit.
    • If it says “Road Map ‘Region’ WAY,” you have an EntryNav2 unit.

Activation methods differ for EVO and EntryNav2 units:

Activation via USB (EVO units only): This method is applicable to EVO units with firmware versions NBTevo_N and O. The process is straightforward:

  1. We will send you a file via email along with instructions.
  2. Save the file on a FAT32 USB flash drive.
  3. Insert the USB drive into the vehicle’s armrest USB port.
  4. Your Navigation unit will reboot, and full-screen CarPlay will be enabled.

Activation via ENET Cable (EVO and EntryNav2 units): For this method, you will need the following:

  • An ENET cable (not included in the price but you can buy separately from us).
  • A Windows 10 or 11 laptop with the firewall and antivirus turned off.
  • Team Viewer or software installed.
  • A stable internet connection.

The activation process takes about 6 minutes if everything above is setup and does not require any computer or coding expertise.

Full-screen CarPlay is available for EVO units with firmware versions NBTevo_P, Q, R, S, U, V, W, and for EntryNav2 units with iLevels versions starting from 20-07.

Please note that full-screen CarPlay is not possible on EVO units with firmware versions H, I, J, K, L, and M, as well as on EntryNav2 units with iLevels versions before 20-07.

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