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Boost Car Security with the Ghost Immobiliser 2: Advanced Protection

Enhanced security on a luxury car with Ghost Immobiliser by UK Auto Retrofits, showcasing cutting-edge protection technology.


Vehicles are not just a means of transportation—they are symbols of personal success. Ensuring their protection has become less of an option and more of a mandatory requirement.

The Ghost Immobiliser has arrived as a transformative solution in vehicle security amidst the rising tide of crafty vehicle thieves. Introduced to the market by forward-thinking entities like UK Auto Retrofits, this smart technology is turning the tables on modern vehicle theft.

Now, let’s understand the Ghost Immobiliser—how it works, its advantages, and the assurance it provides to today’s vehicle owners.

Boost Car Security with the Ghost Immobiliser 2: Advanced Protection

What Exactly is the Ghost Immobiliser?

Boost Car Security with the Ghost Immobiliser 2: Advanced Protection

In plain terms, the Ghost Immobiliser silently guards your vehicle in your absence, unlike conventional security systems that rely on loud alarms.

Its effectiveness lies in its inconspicuousness. By operating discreetly, it effectively deters thieves who are unfamiliar with its functionality.

The Ghost Immobiliser seamlessly integrates into your vehicle’s operations, rendering it virtually invisible. By connecting to your car’s CAN bus system, the primary network for internal communication, it becomes an integral part of your vehicle’s security.

So, what’s the advantage? Think of it as sharing a secret code with your car. Without the precise sequence of inputs, such as pressing specific buttons on the steering wheel or gear shift, the car simply won’t start.

What’s commendable is its simplicity. There are no extra key fobs to carry or passwords to remember.

The user experience is designed for simplicity. This blend of user-friendliness and cutting-edge technology creates a security system that’s easy for you to operate while posing a significant challenge for potential thieves.

Boost Car Security with the Ghost Immobiliser: Advanced Protection. Operating discreetly, the Ghost Immobiliser maintains its stealth, devoid of any flashing LEDs or external signs that could attract unwanted attention. What you receive is top-notch security presented in a refined manner.

This system represents a significant advancement in vehicle security, serving as an inconspicuous shield for your car. It provides peace of mind, assuring you that your vehicle is protected even against sophisticated theft tactics.

How Does the Ghost Immobiliser Work?

Ghost Immobiliser providing seamless security on a luxury car, featuring UK Auto Retrofits technology

The Ghost Immobiliser has stepped up as a forefront solution in combating contemporary vehicle theft, standing strong especially when criminals have learned to bypass traditional security by manipulating the OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) port.

This system takes a covert route, blending perfectly with your vehicle’s internal workings. It leaves no physical signs, nor does it send out any signals that might reveal its location

At the core of how the Ghost Immobiliser works is its unique way of communicating. It doesn’t rely on radio frequencies or anything visible but instead makes a direct connection with the vehicle’s engine management system, the Engine Control Unit (ECU), through the CAN (Controller Area Network) Data circuit. This ensures a silent operation, keeping the immobiliser’s existence a secret between only the car owner and the professional who installs it. This strategic invisibility means that thieves can’t simply swap out the ECU or program a new key fob to bypass your car’s defenses. 

The Ghost requires a unique form of ‘knowledge’ to allow access and ignition.

This ‘knowledge’ comes in the form of a PIN code sequence that you, the car owner, can create and customize. This is not your average PIN code either; it leverages the existing buttons inside your vehicle—like those on the steering wheel, the door panels, or the centre console—to input the sequence. It is a simple yet robust method, making it nearly impossible for someone unauthorized to guess your unique code and start your car.

Moreover, without the correct PIN, the Ghost actively prevents the engine from starting, no matter how savvy the thief might be. This level of security does not just immobilize the car in the event of a thief managing to enter; it makes it fundamentally impossible to drive away without authorization.

Additionally, when paired with a car tracker, the Ghost Immobiliser extends its protective capabilities, allowing you not only to prevent thefts but also to track your vehicle’s location if an attempt is made.

Key Advantages of the Ghost Immobiliser

There’s a multitude of reasons to consider installing the Ghost Immobiliser in your vehicle, but here are the most compelling ones:

1. A Pocket-Friendly Approach

Saving is earning! With the Ghost Immobiliser, one of the captivating benefits is the potential for reduced car insurance premiums by 50%. Insurance companies appreciate the high level of security this system offers. By significantly lowering the likelihood of theft, your insurance fees could be trimmed by up to half!

2. Meeting Insurance Expectations

On the flip side, many insurance providers require newer cars to have superior security systems like the Ghost Immobiliser. So, not only is it about boosting the safety of your car but also keeping your vehicle in line with insurance mandates.

3. Robust Anti-Theft Protection

The Ghost Immobiliser isn’t just another security system; it’s a fortress of protection. Even if a thief manages to get your keys or clone them, the immobiliser acts as the final guardian. They simply won’t be able to drive away with your car without knowing the unique disarm sequence.

4. Easy Recovery with National Database Registration

The Ghost Immobiliser also includes a clever feature that involves registering your vehicle on a national database. It serves as a valuable tool for law enforcement agencies and repair shops to identify and track stolen vehicles easily. An extra layer of protection that helps ensure your car is returned to you, should it ever fall into the wrong hands.

5. Freedom to change your PIN anytime

Should you ever feel the need to alter your disarm sequence, the process is straightforward, allowing you to customize your security preferences as often as you like.

6. Keeps the engine off without the code

Luxury car with Ghost Immobiliser system displaying no access symbol - UK Auto Retrofits

Even if a skilled thief manages to slip into the driver’s seat, the car remains immobile. Without the correct code, the engine won’t purr to life, leaving the vehicle steadfastly in place.

7. Rendered cloned keys useless

Ghost Immobiliser rendering cloned car keys ineffective, ensuring vehicle security - UK Auto Retrofits

If someone crafts a duplicate of your car key, the Ghost Immobiliser renders it ineffective. This means peace of mind even in scenarios that would normally spell trouble for car owners.

8. Undetectable and confidential installation

Nestled within your vehicle’s infrastructure, the Ghost Immobiliser’s whereabouts remain a secret to everyone except the installer (and you, if you wish). This covert nature is crucial to its effectiveness, ensuring that its security protocols remain uncompromised.

9. Seamless Operation

Luxury car with Ghost Immobiliser's seamless protection - UK Auto Retrofits

While you’ll experience the Ghost Immobiliser as a smooth operator, quietly working in the background, it presents an insurmountable obstacle to unauthorized users. There’s comfort in knowing that such powerful protection also offers simplicity in its everyday use.

10. Ultimate Peace of Mind

Secure luxury car under protective shield by Ghost Immobiliser system, illustrating ultimate theft protection - UK Auto Retrofits

For those who have personalised their cars or own an exceptionally valuable or uncommon model, the Ghost Immobiliser is more than a smart choice—it’s essential, providing unwavering security that honours your vehicle’s worth.

Installing the Ghost Immobiliser

Getting the Ghost Immobiliser set up might sound a bit daunting with its advanced technology, but it is actually a pretty straightforward affair when you leave it in the hands of experts.

Let’s walk through what the process looks like.

1. Choosing a Trustworthy Installer

Your journey to a more secure vehicle starts with picking the right installer for the job. The professional you choose must be certified by TASSA (The Automotive Security Services Association), similar to those offering the Autowatch Ghost II Immobiliser at UK Auto Retrofits. This TASSA certification ensures that your installer follows rigorous standards and practices, providing you with top-notch installation and reliable support for any needs that may arise in the future.

2. The Installation Procedure

After deciding on an installer, the actual installation is a matter of precisely integrating the Ghost Immobiliser with your vehicle’s ECU (Engine Control Unit). The Ghost Immobiliser taps into the data circuit of your vehicle and becomes a part of its internal communication network. This establishes a solid security framework right at the heart of your vehicle’s operation.

Remember, one of the key benefits of the Ghost Immobiliser is that it’s undetectable—there are no visible components added. This means the aesthetic integrity of both your vehicle’s exterior and interior remains undisturbed.

3. Configuring Your Unique PIN

Once your Ghost Immobiliser system is installed, the first thing to do is to customize it by creating a PIN code that is all your own. You won’t need an extra keypad for this; your car already has what you need — the buttons on the steering wheel, doors, or centre console get the job done. Your installer will show you exactly how it’s done. Remember, your code should be easy for you to remember but hard for others to figure out.

4. After Installation

With everything in place and your personal PIN set, you’re ready to roll. If down the line you decide you want to change your PIN, it’s not an issue. Just follow the instructions from your installer or check the user manual for guidance. It’s a good idea to get your Ghost Immobiliser checked and updated from time to time so it stays in tip-top shape.

Frequently Asked

Q: Will the Ghost Immobiliser work with my car?

A: The Ghost Immobiliser is designed to be compatible with most vehicles that have a CAN bus system, which is common in most vehicles made after 2006.

Q: Could the Immobiliser affect my car’s warranty?

A: No, it interacts with your car’s CAN bus system without messing with the electricals, so your vehicle’s warranty stays unaffected.

Q: What do I do if I forget my PIN?

A: No need to worry. The system includes a secure, individual reset code. If you forget your disarm sequence, you can reset it with that code.

Upgrade Your Car’s Safety with UK Auto Retrofits!

As the automotive world evolves, so too should our methods of protecting our vehicles.

The Ghost Immobiliser is a step up in car security technology, wrapping your vehicle in a layer of safety.

Choosing a service like UK Auto Retrofits means ensuring you’re part of a community that drives with assurance, leaving fears of theft in the rear view mirror.

Secure that extra layer of serenity for all your journeys with this innovative technology.


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